A Little Tree Surprise

When I came across this free pattern at Lark Crafts for a sand bag Christmas tree, I pinned it.

Unlike my other "pins", this one got done!  The pattern comes from the book Flip Dolls & Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go by Laura Wilson.
I may need to buy this book.

I used vintage fabric scraps that I had on hand and filled the pieces with non toxic plastic toy filler (not sure what it's called) because I had a bag of it from a garage sale.  Otherwise, I would have used rice.

It's already been received by a special someone....

Who last I heard was playing "fetch" with them with her Daddy.

My daughter did not realize that they were supposed to be a "tree".  Hmmm...maybe I should have used all green fabric!!

How are your Christmas preparations going?  My youngest informed me that it was 12 days until Christmas this morning. "WHAT?!?! " She laughed at me and went to the calendar to show me.  She's right!


  1. How ADORABLE! Both the baby and the tree.

  2. Adorable! That is the perfect word! So do you just stack them to make a tree? Each one looks like a tree!

  3. How cute are they?? The trees and the little sweetie!!

  4. What a fun idea :)

    Gorgeous pic of the sweet recipient!


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