A Living Rosary

In September, the LIHM Sisters in our town hosted a "Living Rosary" to honor our Blessed Mother on her birthday.

I had never been to such an event and did not know what to expect.

I grabbed my camera on our way out the door 'just in case' I may want to take a picture.

Well, I took a lot of pictures.  They had balloons and as we prayed, they handed out the balloons to some people and they formed a circle with one sister tying them together.  I thought, 'Well that's neat, the balloons will be let go and represent our prayers.'

It wan't until they floated up, that I saw that they all hung together just like a rosary!!  I'm a little slow I know!!  But, what was I moved to photograph??  The rosaries hanging from the hands of those praying.  All before I knew what was going on.  Not a coincidence.

If you would like to watch a slide show to the song of Hail Mary that I made of this event you can click here.

The slide shows shows all ages and our diverse community coming together for the love of our Blessed Mother.

I'm joining Rebecca for day 11 of her Twelve Days of Mary series.


  1. Amazing!!! glad you stopped by my blog

    much love...

  2. Well, I am jaded somewhat by age--not much new to see or experience. But, I have never seen a balloon living roses. I hope you also send the photos of those who were holding their personal rosaries. I collect rosaries and that's how I fall asleep each night though I rarely get beyond one decade. Now I'm going to Google that order and see what else there is to see.

  3. Whoops--mean rosary not roses, but you know what I meant.

  4. I forgot and my sister told me of Mary's birthday celebration mass at her church
    I hadn't seen the balloon thing before, very amusing for sure

  5. Ave Maria. Pray for us. What a wonderful job you did on the slide show-'took me there'!


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