George Is Going to Travel the World

There are lots of good things going on around here, all of which seem to keep me from posting here.  It's a Wonderful Life...  I know so corny, but so true!

My instagram photos show a bit of what we've been up to.

I took this picture last year on Christmas Eve.  One of our traditions is to watch It's a Wonderful Life after Christmas Eve dinner.

How about you and your family?  Do you have many Christmas traditions?  
I really enjoy our traditions, but I also don't feel bound to them. 

I'm linking with Kim Klassen again and Texture Tuesday.  I used "postale" on the above image which tweaked the color perfectly!


  1. We've got our Christmas movies out. Christmas music is playing and I'm getting Christmas decor up today. :) Great photo.

  2. One of my favorite holiday movies.

  3. I love that movie too :)

    Our traditions are always changing - lately we've enjoyed the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve. I also make a Christmas cake that's really a birthday cake, and when the girls were small we used to sing happy birthday to Jesus - we feel kind of silly doing that now though - we'll try it again when we have grandkids I guess :)


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