Christmas on the Mantel

Inspired by a picture that Simply Bungalow posted, I decided on a whim to do our mantel in old bottles and vintage ornaments.

There are a few odds and ends of dishes thrown in too because I discovered that I had sold most of my bottles.  A little tinsel here and there is nice too.

And some candle holders.....

 I think some vintage mirrors and windows leaning up along the wall in the back would be a perfect addition.

But, this was on a whim and I was out of time and oomph.

If you had some really special ornaments, this would be a great way to display them. Just a few as a small grouping on a shelf or as your table centerpiece would be nice. 

Blog posts may be a bit scant for a couple of weeks, making merry and all.  But, I have to say that I've been detached from the "busy" in a really good way and am enjoying the season.  I pray the same for you. 

I also hope I maintain that attitude and detachment at the end of this week, ha!


  1. simple but festive - love it! and I am glad that you are enjoying the season - merry to all!

  2. Oh how lovely your mantel display is dear Jill = really lovely!
    Time moves so quickly it is a good idea to make the most of this festive time and enjoy each moment...
    we have scaled back over the years and enjoy less pressure and must do's very much...
    fa la laa
    ho ho ho

  3. This looks great! I love the idea. I have LOTS of vintage bottles! And a small collection of vintage ornaments. Good way to show them off! I will remember next year. Right? Remind us!!! Enjoy! I'm pretty laid back and calm as well. Hope it stays that way, too.

  4. Have a very merry Christmas, dear Jill.


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