It Was Time.

One week ago I moved my son to college. 

I should probably say that I went along to see his dorm room and carry a box.  Because moving him compared to moving my two oldest girls to college was quite a different experience.

You could say that he had less "stuff"!

This is the sun setting on the day he moved to college.  We were on the top of the parking garage driving off for me to let him off at his dorm and I had to stop to take this picture.

I'm pretty sure I have nothing to add to what many of you already know about how it is with your kids leaving home.  Lots of mixed emotions.

I will say though, that it was time and that really eased the experience. He is so ready for this next part of his life.  I will miss our daily conversations (he's not too much for the phone) but he's not far away so we will get to see him fairly often.

I took some of his senior pictures and we used a couple of them for his announcements.

I didn't set out to take visual metaphors of his life at this point;  it just kind of happened.  :)

We really had fun taking his pictures!  (I have more...)

I knew he was enjoying himself that spring day of picture taking when he pointed out a set of old springs by the creek where we were and he didn't complain when I pulled them out of the dirt and brought them home!!

Of course he was dressed up so he didn't have to help me pull the little trees out of the springs.

I haven't found a use for them yet.  

In time.


  1. He's so handsome! Yes, I understand. And my son isn't much for talking on the phone...but he does call me on his way home from work now some. Thank goodness for texts.... that is mostly how I communicated with him when he was in college! And...yes.... thank God your son is doing the normal progression of life!

  2. a "spring" board to the future..sorry couldn't help myself.Congrats on the new collegian :D but dang it is hard...

  3. Hard to see them leave the nest. But they come back. Wishing him all the best in his college life, and for you as you adjust, once again.

  4. College is a great thing and it so shapes them into who they are meant to become!

  5. oh yes definitely bittersweet
    your photos each tell a story
    that setting sun = sigh
    and your handsome boy standing on the railroad tracks = oh my ♥
    Brightest of Blessings for all that lies ahead along with so many precious memories you've already made together!
    Those ARE some fabulous rusty springs...
    we 'harvested' the springs from my parents old fold out couch when we closed down their house a couple of years ago...still saving those springs for something special ;)
    (((hugs))) to you Jill
    p.s. our college graduate moved to Colorado and calls about once a week or so and he was never a phone guy...he actually misses us and is still having a wonderful time


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