Saturday Digest

►Maybe it's time to take down these numbers?!?!

What can I say?  I liked them there!  Plus, I just accommodate to things and forget they are there...except when they cast a really cool shadow!

►Do you read Suzan's blog?  I wanted to make sure that no one missed these hangers that she used for her sweet dresses.  Tooooo perfect!  Sticks right out of her yard she says.
►Do you remember my Junkle Bells project?  Well, there has been a new thread at the Junk Revolution issuing a Junkle Bells Challenge...sounds like fun!

►A corner of the tank garden with one of my favorite plants the Hyacinth Bean Vine.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!


  1. Aren't you just my Saturday sweetie.. <3

  2. Love these digests. The sunlight and shadows in the first photo are stunning.

  3. Your inspired Junkle Bells is how we met dear Jill!
    Off to check out the link...
    Your shadow numbers look super and there's still some time left in the year!
    Your tank garden is nothing if not FABULOUS!
    Happy September to you and yours

  4. IS still 2013! Love the shadows! Junkle Bells... that IS how we met.... I'll check it out.... and I did see the stick hangers! Love em! Happy September!


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