Another Monday. Another Mosaic

I've been laughing to myself this past week.  Tongue is cheek laughing mind you.
I've read around the internet where some bloggers take the "August Break" and ONLY post one picture a day with just a few to no words.

I'm shaking my head; to me, that is not a break.  Sounds more like a big commitment.

But, blog breaks happen. Just not always planned, as my husband's pancreatitis and hospitalization were not planned last week and certainly weren't expected.

He's home and doing pretty well now, but there will be more testing to see what's what.  Our insides can certainly be a puzzle!

The kids go back to school this week too.  I have mixed feelings about that.  It's good to get them back to the structure, but summer is a good time and I'm not sure I'm ready for my son to go off to college!

~Have a good day~


  1. best wishes for speedy recoveries of your hubs and for you once school is back...find a book and comfy chair :D

  2. you deserve to take a break - sounds like things are a little hectic - hoping the best for all!

  3. Yes, hope your husband is doing well....... And it is AWFUL when the kids go back to school........ especially the college age ones! But it's good they can go!!! Life marches on..... Sounds like you do need to take a break!!! I agree a picture a day with no words is A LOT of work!!! I need to find those August break blogs and have a peek! Take care, Jill!

  4. Ohhhhh.... and I love your sweet vase!!!

  5. Beautiful!! Hope your husband is feeling better!

  6. Oh Jill, I'm sorry to hear about your husband's illness. I hope he is on the way to feeling well again. Things like that can really throw things out of sync. Lots going on in your life with school beginning and your son heading to college.

    "Be anxious for nothing, .... " (Phil 4)

  7. Prayers for your husband and his doctors and hoping all is well very soon!
    Change of seasons is always bittersweet for me...
    sending (((hugs))) your way dear Jill...
    thank you for sharing the Blessed mosaic ♥

  8. I had thoughts of posting sky pictures all month - but August was off to a gray start - too much work anyway :)

    Hope your husband mends well and completely ... And that the school year gets off to a good start ... Hang in there


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