Mosaic Monday

My son called me down to the barn a few weeks ago when he spotted this curious fella.
Anyone know what kind of bug it is, besides a really neat one?

Maybe it's just a bug with a lot of offspring so it's developed the proverbial "eyes in the back of my head" needed!


  1. Ha! That's some bug. I have no idea what kind it might be. But it makes for a fascinating mosaic.

  2. Very attractive! Do you think maybe he was present when you were spray painting something? hmmmmm........

  3. Lovely photos of an interesting beetle. I Google imaged, "slender brown and white beetle with eye dots on its back" and it reported it to be a Click beetle : )

  4. What a beautiful little creature, no idea what he could be. He almost looks like he is wearing glitter! Does he have any friends? Have a great week.


  5. He certainly IS handsome!
    Your closeups are WOW!


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