Urban Habitat

I just got done painting my son's room. Long story which if I told would reveal way to much of how we roll around here. His room has been in an upheaval for a loooong time. 'Nuff said.

Two of the walls are Deep Bronze and gorgeous. We got a simple but sharp black coverlet to go on the bed and I think it will all look lovely but very masculine.

But, this post is about these. Paint samples--aaarrrrhhhggg--I love them! and Yes, I know I've posted about them before. (Whoops, If you click on that link, you'll know how long this project has been in the works!) But none of those were what he wanted so yesterday we went back for more. This time to the lumber yard in town. Which means new paint samples. I took so many I had to tell them because I felt guilty. Store guy says "go ahead". Now, if Valspar paint goes up in price we know why. Because I know all of you are going to want to get your own too.

This collection is called "Urban Habitat" by Valspar Medallion. Of course the display was much of the beauty. Each one very evenly spaced all lined up in glorious color splendor. It's like all my favorite vintage colors with a new twist.

And, look at some of the names! Under Construction..... Arbitrary.....Poetic Justice.....!!!

I don't know what I'll do with them---HA! big surprise right?! For now, I'll leave them in a stack on my sewing room table to thumb through and enjoy.


  1. Oh my goodness - I love those!!! And, just so you know...
    You are not alone in the paint sample department! LOL Want some of mine?

    ;-) I bet your son's room is GORGEOUS (in a completely manly way of course!!!)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. You can open any number of drawers in my house to find paint samples. It is like they call my name! Now come on do some thing with them...sewing machine, colors quited together with.......and add a bit of.............

    I think we need pictures of that room....I'm very visual!

    PS I allow my young ones to keep there room the way they want, but door closed, it is trade for a almost perfect down stairs if ya know what I mean.


  3. I bought the whole book of samples when we built this place! I can thumb through them for hours.


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