Junkin' Monday

I was able to get to the last day of an estate sale yesterday- my favorite time to go as they want to deal and love someone buying in bulk. The books are just a small sample from the 3 boxes I bought. He made me a good offer what can I say? I only bought one suitcase, but was oh so tempted to come home with about 3 more!

This book cover is very rough but still so beautiful.

Look inside--to Rosa from Santa Claus in 1894. (Does that make you all sentimental? It does me!)

This little note was tucked inside. "Are you mad at me for being late?"

And the reply on the back side, "Yes, what are you going to do?" ....I picture this note being passed in an old small country school house between Rosa and ...maybe his name was Andrew...and he was supposed to meet her to walk with her to school....

I can never pass up a typewriter at a reasonable price. This may be one for parts. It's a little sticky and no black ink left. But, I don't know. Otherwise it's in such good shape. I just love how a typewriter looks. In my opinion that's enough. It doesn't have to be used for anything. I have two that are so lovely they have their alloted shelf space just to sit and be admired.

More buying in bulk--bling!

One big bag of vintage scraps. I'll keep them in a clear bag and just pull out and iron what I need-- when I need it. There are a couple of really lovely pieces in that mess!

I'm joining Clara and Marcela again for Junkin' Monday. You can check out what they found this past weekend and many other bloggers as they share their new treasures here.


  1. i love the last day of estate sales too! the books are fantastic, and the note inside is just too cool. i love all the jewelry too, that must have been one great sale!

  2. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!! You had me at the BLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a FANTASTIC pile!!!! And all of your other goodies...I'm drooling here!!!

    Looks like a FUN estate sale you caught the tale end of!!! I love the note stuck in the book! LOL That's so fun!!!

    Have a happy Monday!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  3. You came across some wonderful finds ! I love the note , makes you wonder about the whole story , how sweet! The bling is yummy ! Can never have too much of that !!
    Thanks for making a stop at my blog !
    The Little Things

  4. Wow Jill what a haul for the last day of an Estate sale. I'm with you I love the deals to be found. How cute is that note! I adores the book plate from Santa, it just adds such history to the book. You will really have fun with those scraps of fabric. I can just see you at your sewing machine, tea by your side evening creeping in without a notice from you!


  5. love.
    simply, love.

    old handwriting. love old handwriting. so beautiful.

    simply, love.

  6. Looks like someone had a very good time!!!! I adore old books - shabby or chic... sometimes no one is iterested and my friend Ann and I have left auctions with boxes full - made our money back over and over! The same with old maps and colored botanicals - so I wish I had been looking on at your treasures! Jennifer

  7. I can't believe you got there the last day and managed to found those treasures! Nobody bought all that jewelry, the suitcase or the books before???? What are people thinking???? Good for you, Lucky Jill!!!

  8. What a fantastic haul! Especially the notes inside the book!! =)


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