Junkin' Monday

I had about 15 minutes on Fri. in a new (to me) thrift store in Blair. This and a few pieces of silverware is all I walked away with. However, I am always excited to add a new tea cup to my growing collection.

She's pretty isn't she?

I think will start drinking from my odds and ends of cups soon. Besides making teacup bird feeders, I thought I'd show you what else I've done with my tea/coffee cups in my sewing room.

Behind the pictures, is an old crate that I've filled with cups to hold "what not"--supplies, this and that....

This is an old desk drawer that had dividers in it. Tipped on it's back side, it makes a perfect shelf to hold my odds and ends cups that I think are just so pretty.

It makes collecting "what-not" even that much more fun.

My little organizers make it easier to find those little pieces for a project. I have to admit though that it's hard to part with any of the little pieces as I like them so much in their little cup homes.

Don't forget to check out Clara and Marcela's blog to follow along with more fun Junkin' Monday finds!


  1. Hi Jill,
    Sweet teacup! And I love your organization and display pieces too! Have a great day!
    Laura :)

  2. Oh........that cup matches my dishes! When I come sit on your porch to fold books up let's have coffee and tea in all of your pretty cups! LOL And you are SO organized...how about you come sit on my porch and I'll hand you my sewing room to play with...yeah...

    ;) I hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday!!! Love your new cup!!!


  3. We think those were the most productive 15 minutes anybody had! That tea cup is so cute!! and the way you display them in your room is genius! Thank you so much for sharing your little inspiring corner with us!!
    Marcela & Clara

  4. Clever storage. I think you SHOULD pour yourself some chamomile tea in one of your tea cups. It will help to steady your hand while do your free arm embroidery!

    I also love your thread storage that we got a glimps of.


    PS popcorn machine not vintage, so no drooling needed!

  5. i absolutely love your ideas for storage! the tea cups look so pretty. thanks for sharing them!

  6. I love your tea cup organizers & your new one is a beauty! The ring of flowers around the rim is so sweet.

  7. Hey Jill, love the cubbies and the cute stray cups! And they're filled with some great goodies. It's a really cute idea!

  8. Wow! You are so organized! It's only Tuesday and you've found a use for something you found on Monday... I have fantasies of being that organized.


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