Junkin' Monday

I'm afraid no junkin' this past week here, but thought I'd show you the ties I bought at the auction I went to two weeks ago. Pretty, huh?

The patterns and colors are SO nice!

I like to imagine the suit these were worn with. AND, there was only one suit at the auction and I did bring it home too! Now, what to do with the ties....

I have a few boxes of great old wood hangers. So, here are the ties now in my sewing room held up on a couple of those hangers. So, if I want a snippet of tie fabric for something I can just go clip a bit off the back and still leave the great display of color in my room.

So many old things are just nice to display as they are.

I hung two of my antique pocket watches on the hangers and I think that's a nice finishing touch.

If anyone has any suggestions for projects with ties, I'd really like to hear them. I have another box or so of ties...

My mom made quite a few throws out of them and they looked quite sharp. I made a skirt for my oldest daughter for Sr. pictures, BUT ties are cut on the bias....and that was an issue. I wouldn't do it again without really good instructions. (I was winging it!)

Now, I'm off to see what everyone else is up to over at Clara and Marcela's!


  1. P.S. Did I say, "GREAT FIND?!!?"
    And I love the hangers!!! Brilliant as always!!!

  2. Love all the colors and the way you displayed them is so creative !The watches gave the touch!Congrats!

  3. wow! who knew ties could be that beautiful? some of those have the most stunning design.
    i have seen lots of great projects with ties, such as making headbands, bracelets. I recently rented a book from the library, Kanzashi in Bloom, instructions for fabric flowers. I believe there was a project using a tie for a choker necklace with a fabric flower attached. really pretty. have fun with all the ties!

  4. lovin the display. and i love the idea of snip-snip-snippin the backs of them and still having the pretty fronts. i just picked out 3 of my ties to frame in a set of 3. lovely browns and blues.

  5. great photos of great ties. I also have a fondness for vintage ties. I wear mine Annie Hall style with a vest and button down. I did see where someone used them as the taps for curtain tops. clever I thought!

  6. Hello Jill,
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my gardens... of course that look nothing like that after the frost we had this weekend.

    I wanted to mention I saw someone somewhere in blog land use ties as a curtain, valance on a small window. Pretty darn cute.


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