Lovin' Blocks and Words

I thought I'd show you all some of the projects I've working on recently. I'm having a lot of fun using wood blocks in projects.

I'll be doing more blocks as soon as I fix our saw....it broke when I tried sawing a block of wood that must have had a nail, knot or something "not good" in it. A chunk it my son across the table. Uhg.

There's no place like home....

....free form machine embroidery on vintage text....

I've been making word nuggets from vintage text and from my old typewriter on vintage paper.

"What's a word nugget?!" you may be asking~~~Just little words that you can set around blocks, photos, stick in drawers, packages, or make into magnets.

Another set of blocks from a vintage Christmas card.

One of my word nuggets on a tealight candle holder. I often think less is more. And this is one of those times. One word speaks volumes don't you think?

I have some of these listed in my Etsy shop. They are fork wall art easels. Gosh, I love to hammer. You can hang them as they are use them to hold a photo or small piece of art.

Large ornaments made from a tattered and faded toile vintage tablecloth.

I adore this tablecloth. I've saved every little scrap from anything I've done with it and will keep using each little piece in projects.

If anyone is interested in anything or a custom order just email me (click on the sidebar icon) and we can chat.


  1. Oh my gosh - I love it ALL!!! You crack me up with your forks - I think you need a jack hammer, whatcha' think? They are so awesome though!!! Makes me want to go beat on something! LOL And your blocks are FANTASTIC with the embroidery!!!

    You are so mega-talented!!!

    Happy Tuesday!!! ;) Robelyn

  2. Hi Jill I just stopped by to Thank you for your recent visit , well I'm Lovin your art! I just had to become a follower!
    Best of luck in my giveaway!

  3. great stuff Jill. I fave the blocks with the vintage pages and sewing. great thought to put those together... a bit of uncanny festooning I say!!! I think you need to drill a block and add one of the fork easel to it! I want to see more after the saw repair. I love all the images that you are using

    Joy........ always

  4. Loving all of the creativity here! Those blocks are awesome.

    pk @ Room Remix


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