Mid Life Mini Crisis

So I went to buy myself a new wallet. The old one had broken and was quite shabby. I went in search once again for the perfect wallet. I knew what I wanted because I have carried the perfect wallet for about 24 years. It holds everything and has room for a bit of expansion as you stuff it, and believe me, I stuffed it! I've carried black, blue, and brown, but basically it's a plain (but perfect) wallet.
24 years!--it hit me there in the aisle of Target. I don't care if it's perfect! I don't want to carry the same ugly wallet while all the cute ones continue to taunt me with their style. Even though I know they'll NEVER hold everything I need. So, I bought a stylish fabric wallet that looked like it could have come from Fossil--but my midlife crisis wasn't that bad. I wouldn't come up with the money for a Fossil wallet, so I settled for "similar".

So--now I had no place to carry my checks--I couldn't even find one of the cheap ones lying around the house. Besides, I didn't want boring.

So, I ordered from Etsy some of those plastic checkbook covers that you can add your own paper in. I used fabric collage instead-- some from that lovely big bag I bought on Sunday and posted about yesterday.

I even used vintage text from an accounting book I bought on Sunday. It was from an example page of how to record your transactions and it mostly listed shoe purchases--fun!

More vintage fabric for the liner.

Here's the checkbook opened up flat. I used a rubber stamp on fabric for the bottom layer just to give it all some depth.

NOW, I still have to find something to carry all my pictures which used to fit in my perfect wallet too.....at least now I have something interesting in my purse!


  1. I think if that is the end product from a mid mini crisi.... you need more of them. Adding that text was beyond great! I have no doubt that your talented self will find the perfect place for pictures. How about useing an old books cover and sewing together a treasure. You Tube will teach you the binding stiches! I will be waiting on that post from you!


  2. I'm with Joy...have more mini crisi. LOL That is beyond adorable!!! PLEASE tell me you are going to make more so I can buy one from you?!!?!! I feel a mid-life crisis coming on...

    Seriously - ADORABLE!!!

    ;-) Robelyn

  3. Jill--
    I just was complaining yesterday about how I can't find an "old lady" wallet. Mine has ripped to shreds after approx. 15 years in my various purses.
    However, I refuse to buy a cute "little" one since I do carry quite a bit in my wallet. I guess I need to simplify that part of my life, or find a vintage wallet at a yard sale.
    Love your solution! So very artsy.


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