Shed Sale

Well, yesterday Randy, the little gals, and I headed off with our last load to set up at The Shed Sale. I posted about the 4th of July sale here. Now for Judy's fall sale, I'm a vendor! We had taken a load a couple of weeks ago and securely tarped it to protect it from the rain. Even though my stuff is in a shed, it's not waterproof! Right after we untarped, started marking, and moved tables (that I had stored out of the rain for 15yrs) outside, it begins to rain. And rain. And rain. The gals are muddy, the tags are wet...Randy suggests we go look at some printer's blocks for sale that I had seen on Craig's List which were another hour south and hope the rain stops so we can come back and clean up. So off we went after a bite at Mickey D's which includes a hot Mocha! By the time we got back to the Shed Sale it had quit raining but was dark so we used our headlights to finish tagging and cleaning up.

Those sweet printer's blocks are from the box of blocks I bought from Craig's List stop. I'll be listing some in my Etsy shop soon.

Judy is a delight--she wasn't minding the rain at all--said it was "freeing" to be able to let things get wet! Good attititude!

What was worse than the rain was that I didn't even get to shop the sale because of how much the rain slowed us down. There were treasures everywhere and I couldn't look and shop. Sad-- I know.

If you're from NE stop in! 6 miles south of Seward. Just take the I-80 Seward exit and follow the signs south! The sale starts today and goes through Mon. 10-4. Monday is deal day and I'll be down there then.


  1. YAHOO! Shed Sale Days!! I'll be there - can't wait to see all your beautiful treasures!!

  2. Print blocks, yeah! I'm Pretty in Peace on Etsy...convo me when you list your print block, I'm always up for a few fun blocks.

  3. Oh my gosh...AGAIN I wish I lived closer!!! I would DEFINITELY be shopping the shed sale!!! I know you will have a GREAT week-end!!!

    I love those blocks!!!!! Great find!!!

    Enjoy :-)

  4. So wish I was there!! Love your Junk stamps, super cool pic!! Have a Blessed weekend! Janna


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