Junkin' Monday

I left in the cloak of darkness.....to the annual Nebraska Junk Jaunt. My first time to go digging through garage sale after garage sale in this junking extravaganza.

There was a cozy fog to drive through that lifted right when I got to my first sale a little before 8am.

Five--count them--five typewriters came home with me!! I left a few behind too that were way overpriced. Funny how prices fluctuated from sale to sale.

I guess that's a wasp's nest in there. I will use this one for salvaged parts. I could never take the keys off of a good typewriter and even this one will make me sad to dismantle, but it's really falling apart and is rough. The keys will clean up beautifully. I'm sure there will be uses for the other parts too. Let me know if you know of any good projects for the rest of the typewriter!

Needs a GOOD cleaning but gotta love the color!

I had the pickup full and I will spend the next month sorting, cleaning, etc and will share some pictures along the way. I got back at 10pm and really enjoyed the day of scavenging! Now, you can join Clara and Marcela for Junkin' Monday at Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration to see other great vintage finds and sweet junk!


  1. oh my!!! FIVE typewriters!!! i have been wanting one for a while...my hubby thinks that is kind of weird...so i haven't brought one home yet...love the ones you found!!!

  2. LOL I can't say a word about 5 type writers - but YAY for you!!! haha! I love love love that turquoise one!!!

    I can't wait to see what else you came home with! Ah...I wish I had been there!!!

  3. Great post...I like seeing the picture of you out before dawn. I would so lay claim to that turquoise typewritter. Can't wait to see what you do with all your goods!

  4. WOW!! Typewriters galore!!...great color and lines...the one you are using for parts has some great fonts on the front...I'm sure you can do something with that!! Thank you so much for coming out and playing with us today!

  5. Clocks last week & typewriters this week...you like to buy in bulk don'tcha? ;o)I too love the turquoise one.

  6. Gosh those typewriters are gorgeous!I have been looking around for an affordable one myself.

    Sandy xox


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