The No Bid Pile

At the auction I went to Sun., they had 2 lines going most of the day. I usually move back and forth from one auction ring to the other. I missed the books and paper items selling because I was more interested in something going on in the other ring. Later, I saw this big pile of paper ephemera and books left where that part of the sale was. I was pretty sure it was a "no bid" pile. I peeked and thought it looked interesting. I asked one of the runners and he said "Sure, you can have it for 25 cents."

We've all had far more than 25 cents worth of fun looking through all of this! Look at the newspaper headline.

And that little burgandy book on the top of the pile up there was a diary. There are posts in it like..."today, dad spanked me" , "my brother blooded by nose", "we went to church", "I had to stay after school for spelling." I may have to google "Roger Blatter" and see if he ever really became an author. I'm guessing he was around 8 or 9 years old.

These pictures are from a child's song book--quite old--look at some of the titles of the songs and lyrics!

Yeah, it was almost another world compared to now.

A song about cleaning. I may play this on the piano to inspire me! Or not.

Ya gotta love this. Sure makes you think about how it was, "back in the day"!

There are two of these Big Chief Tablets in the pile and quite a few Nat'l Geos.

These were magazines for kids like weekly readers.

Another beautiful song book. Click on the images to enlarge them and you can read them better.

There are about 6 of these notebooks. Not written in and in almost perfect condition. Aren't the images great?

I think I will share some more paper ephemera especially ads from old magazines that I have from time to time here on the blog. I just love to look at them so I imagine there are others that would like it too.

25 cents well spent I think.

(I scheduled this post because I am on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt all day Fri. and thought I might be a bit busy sorting today.)


  1. What fun finds! I haven't been to any auctions for a while, I'll have to try and get to a few this fall. I can't wait to see what you find on the Junk Jaunt! Cammie is on it too and I know already found lots of good stuff.
    Have fun,

  2. What am awesome pile of goodies! The newspaper alone has got to be very valuable. And the other stuff is so fun. And you can always just make copies for projects and not hurt the real thing. 25 cents!?!?!?!?!?!? AWESOME!

  3. Major score be fore the next major score!!!!

  4. I remember the Big Chief notebooks!!! I used them... humm... does that make me old then?


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