I Dare You.

Monday night as I was making a delicious supper of tuna and egg salad sandwiches, my son said, "Do you know you can't break an egg if you squeeze it in your hand?" "Huh? Right!" or something like that was my reply. Says he saw it once on TV. So of course I was sure right away that it was true.

So the experimentation began. He was right. You can't. We tried hard boiled and raw eggs. Of course when I tried, I did it over the sink---just in case---he was still somehow yankin' my chain. We had them deep in our palms like the picture shows. When Will used both hands, one hard boiled egg did break, but with one hand you couldn't break it no matter how hard you squeezed.

Can you tell by the picture that he is squeezing really hard? Maybe this is old news to some of you, but I sure had never heard of it. And I love this kind of quirky information. I imagine there is a physics explanation for this but you aren't going to hear it here.

Now, go ahead and squeeze an egg. I dare you. (Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for broken egg on your floor.)

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  1. I have heard this somewhere before too but can't remember where. I do have a question though. After you lost your son's challenge did you have "egg on your face?"...sorry, I couldn't resist!..LOL :)


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