Every Garden Should Have One

This great outdoor sink sits in Warren and Danita's garden. You may remember my brother Warren from this post---no wonder those lovely carrots were so clean!

This is a bit better without the bright red hose!

Don't you love the old faucet?!

The is a galvanized table from a school in western Nebraska. I think I was told it was for playing with sand and water. Warren cut a hole for the water to drain through and put galvanized screen on for the veggies to sit on while washing.
We have a lot of gourds and pumpkins just waiting for harvest and washing. I'm on the look out for such a table and faucet~~~on my list for someday~~~


  1. That is the coolest table!!! I'll watch for one for you! LOL I love love love that faucet!!!

    Wasn't the marching fun to watch? LOL Mine turned 15 yesterday...think the driving is going to be as much fun to watch? AUGH!!!

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL week-end!!!

    :-) Robelyn

  2. Very nice table - great idea. Did your Cinderella Pumpkins make it? Alas, my entire pumpkin patch (both plants) were attacked by bugs. AND - how did the Shed Sale go? Hope you didn't have to haul even one thing back!

  3. this is awesome - why do I only come accross these treasures in magazine or blogs - it's just not fair! love your blog, Hugs, Jennifer jennsthreegraces


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