Junkin' Monday

I stumbled upon a fun Meme this morning and thought I'd join right in. Over at Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration they are hosting Junkin' Monday to share your great junk finds. Never a shortage of that around here.

This weekend I went to the Flea Market at Venice Antique Mall west of Omaha. Found some really fun items, but left a couple behind---So... when we went to the zoo yesterday in Omaha we stopped by the Flea Market again to get what I should have bought the first day! And lo and behold I found this!

Oh she's rough alright, but I just couldn't pass her up. One of the kids asked me what I was going to name her. I informed them I only name my mannequins, not my dress forms. But, as I was photographing her I kept seeing personality, and I think she does need a name.

Now, what to do with her? I'm open to any and all suggestions. What do you think I should name her? and please help with ideas of what to do with her. I should add that she's a bit musty smelling and if you can't tell in the photo--very rough, rusty, and wobbly. I have one very similar in really good condition already in my sewing room. (I'd hate to make her feel second rate by putting her in there with my other one.) If you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you can see the condition.

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  1. Dear Jill, we are so glad the Kitchen Girls sent you and that you decided to join in! Your dress form totally needs a name...an old and funky one! If you peel off that stretchy fabric that they are usually covered with, it gets a lot easier to work with, you can decoupage or paint it for example...without that material, it really becomes a blank canvas. Whatever you decide to do, we are so happy you rescued it, those old forms are wonderful and they are hard to find for a reasonable price! We hope you'll come back next Monday!
    Marcela & Clara

  2. What a great find. She may be a bit rough now but that'll only add to her appeal once you get her cleaned up & even out the legs so that she is not so wobbly.

    LOVE your blog & your creativity! That wire nest you made is adorable!

  3. Ok Jill for your first Junkin Monday you steal the show!!!! I have been looking for a year now for a great dress form. For a name, Hazel, pops to mind??? Glad you had to make the trip back.

  4. That dress form is fabulous! A most wonderful find!

  5. hi ya jill, i gots {yes, gots} me some vintage envy, i do.

    i think you should call her
    pronounced "sal-t"
    not saul-t, saaaal-t. with a drawl. like a nebraskan trying to have a sweet southern drawl.

    i'm just sayin.

  6. Yea! Glad you came today (we knew you wouldn't be able to resist...you always have the coolest stuff!) We have two dress forms in the store. One is Marlene (the name of lady that we bought her from) and Sally (she's a Sally Stitch dress form). Now, you're gal is pretty special, we've never seen one like her in our parts, so we will name her Norma after our grandma...now - go ahead and call her anything, but we'll just think of her as Norma :)

  7. Very Cool! I ALWAYS go to Venice in the Spring and in the Fall...but this time I was in AZ. I would have loved to meet you there. So fun to meet another Nebr blogger! We must stay in touch okay? I'm just touching base at home tonight and tomorrow before leaving for Scrapfest... but I really wanted to drop you a quick line and say HEY!! Hoping we can keep in touch!


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