Scene and Story: Aunt BonBon Dresses Up

Here it is September and I see it's time for another Scene and Story hosted by Sarah and Leon.

This was just a quick photo taken after we had celebrated our second granddaughter turning 2.  She received some dress up shoes as a gift so of course the dressing up followed.  Aunt BonBon, as the grands call my daughter Bonnie, was joining in.  The photo is busy, poor lighting, etc. but that is part of the story.  Their house was busy and everyone was enjoying themselves. If you look in the back you can get a glimpse of the other Grandma giving our youngest granddaughter a bottle. My son in law was showing her the photo book they had just made from their trip to Germany. 


Pictures of the "things" and the "goings on" are as important as the group shots and individual poses I think and we often overlook taking those.

Because dress up is so fun: here and here are a couple of older posts on the same subject. My heart got all fuzzy revisiting them. :)

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  1. I think we don't often publish photos like this because they're not "artistic," but when I look back through my old albums, they are the ones that mean the most. That sweet little girl in her dress-up shoes is clearly the star of this photo even though she's not quite in focus. I love "Aunt BonBon" - my niece and nephew began calling me Aunt Lon when they were little, and now their kids do, too.

  2. Yes, I thought had I given more thought when taking the photo I would have upped the iso to get a better depth of field, I didn't have time to think but her being out of focus and the short depth of field just adds to the image of the beauty going on "in the background" of our lives. So the happenstance of the image ended up being a good thing!

  3. Real photos of Real life are the most special! Sweet little one and such a fun Aunt BonBon!

  4. I think it is the perfect capture of a slice of life - craziness and all. And your focus on Aunt BonBon is so perfect.

  5. Your photo shouts "FAMILY!" (I wish I'd had an Auntie BonBon.)

  6. A lovely spontaneous slice of life. I love these types of photos which show life as it is!

  7. Life as it really is. A great photo because of the story quotient.


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