Vine Wraps

Back in May I posted here about the garden wreaths I made.  In early August, after we had done a LOT of trimming and chopping and cutting in the periphery of our back yard I spent a couple of hours making more wreaths.  Which are still hanging yet today as you see them here.  :)

Then I thought maybe jar wraps would be fun to make.

And, they were!

So now I can adorn the jars that I keep seeds, pods, and "what not" in.

Very simple, but really adds a little something!

Making them is just rather relaxing, especially the day I formed these, it was so nice outside.  

Now, maybe I should form some vines into Christmas trees.   Little table top ones perhaps.

~enjoy the rest of your weekend~


  1. These are absolutely beautiful.
    Are they made from Ivy vines?

    Do you have a tutorial by any chance? I would love to have a try at making these for my home.
    Many thanks ~ Cobs.

  2. What a pretty idea for your jars.

  3. So, so pretty! I'm wondering what sort of vine. I love them wrapped around the jars. Simple. Beautiful. Well done, Jill.

    Jane x


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