Petals and Lace

Oh gosh, flowers.  So much to enjoy and even when they are spent, the beauty lives on.

I dry a lot of the bouquets I create and also make little bundles of blooms to hang throughout the summer.  Now, that it's fall, I'll gather more before they are gone.

They pair magnificently with these pieces of crochet work.



  1. This is so visually creative and makes me smile! Flowers in all stages, all beautiful.

    I like your comment on the cinnamon in the meat rub. I really think you will enjoy that subtle flavor that is hard for anyone to pinpoint. I also use cinnamon in my red sauce (for pasta and such). It's very interesting.

    Jane x

  2. Your photos speak of days gone by. The hands that made the lace have probably gone the way of the flowers.


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