September: Scene and Story

Hello October!
I switch from loving it to feeling emotional about it.  Fall affects me oddly. How about you?

Once again I'm linking up with Sarah for Scene and Story.  Although I have many favorite photos from this past month of still lifes and Claire's Senior pictures, this is a favorite with a good story.

Claire was a candidate for Homecoming this past Friday and the older kids were able to come home for it. :)  Lauren brought our oldest granddaughter too and it was her first football game so everything was exciting for her.  Then when her aunt got a flower she was thrilled to hold it!

Claire was so afraid she would trip in her high heels or sink in to the field as they had to walk across while the spiel of their high school career was read.  No tripping and no sinking I'm happy to report!

Of course after the very brief coronation we had to take photos.   Will, is wearing my first husband, Jim's, coat that was gifted to him by the school 20 years ago as he used to be the unofficial football team Doctor.  He took the coat a couple of years ago when he went to college and loves it.  I love seeing him wear it especially here on the football field.

I can't say I'm a fan of Homecoming coronations. I believe it to be unnecessary stress and stirs up unhealthy competitive feelings in our high school students. Thankfully, Claire just kind of slides with it all.  But, I am a big fan of school spirit and of seeing the gifts that came from where you grew up.

~happy fall to you all~


  1. Great family shot, and the precious memories, better than a popularity contest.

  2. Thank you to for sharing the story of your first husband. I have always gathered that he passed away, but didn't know the story behind, and I am not a prying person, and your blog post was before we met.

  3. Such a sweet family moment and lovely capture!

  4. What a lovely family shot and such a lovely gesture to see Will wearing his dad's coat.
    I don't mind autumn, but I do find November and January more difficult to get through than the other months of the year.

  5. Homecoming! Wow, that was so long ago, but your story brings it back vividly. This is a wonderful family photo, with so many interlinking stories within it. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Your greatest blessings, Jill. That's an emotional story, picture, event, and yes, fall is an emotional time of year. God bless all of you!


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