Sunflowers That Are Sunny

Oh my.  I am so enjoying the sunflowers this year!  I think I have five different varieties and hopefully will photograph each separately to document and remember them.  I have a dream of a garden journal~even if just utilitarian and not all pretty like I envision. Just so you know, they don't look all that pretty in the garden.  It's full of weeds, but they bloom in spite of that.  Probably why I love them so much.  I posted this same bouquet as a black and white image on Instagram.  Either way, the fowers are really something to enjoy.

By the way, the title of the post?  I really miss reading kids' books to my girls!  The voice of many of those wonderful books is still with me and I enjoy it.

~happy friday~


  1. Another awesome photo to go into your portfolio! You just amaze me.

  2. Wow. Pretty pretty.
    And good watercolor inspiration for bright flowers!

  3. Probably one of my favorite flowers...them and baby's breath


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