Eclipse 2017

So, where were you during the total eclipse of 2017?  Nasa had this fun print out with a pin hole to print out so you could photographically mark your location.  We were a little south of where the star is in the path of totality.

The idea was that you could take a photo of the print out and the resulting shadow of the eclipse and the shadow of your state.  I thought this was such a fun idea.

The Nasa web site also had instructions to make an eclipse projector using a pair of cheap reading glasses.  I just happened to have a pair that I don't use since I quit wearing contacts, plus I just happened to have the perfect box to build the projector out of, so I made one for us.

We went to my in laws' home as they lived in the path of totality. We picniced while we waited and watched it evolve.

My daughter wasn't taking any chances with her oldest's eyes!

My youngest granddaughter, had no idea what we were doing, but was ready to hang out with her youngest aunties and smile for me. :)

We saw quite a few planes that were watching it from an even closer vantage point.

And, it began to get darker.  The girls pushed the stroller of my youngest grands around so they wouldn't look up at the sun (or lack there of).

It's getting closer to completion as viewed through the projector.

Very Cool indeed.  This is underexposed to show the ring better.  The sky was not this black.

The view around during our 2 plus minutes of totality. (slightly underexposed yet) It was a little surreal.

It was neat, really neat.  I'm glad we drove the hour and a half to see it.  But, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go further than that.  It was a special moment of awareness of the space around you and how it "all works" so to speak.  

But, truthfully, if you look around you where you are and pay attention, God gives you those moments anytime and you don't even need special glasses to see them.

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  1. Yes, indeed. A moment to capture and remember, but not just for this major event. Your post and mine do complement each other well. Looks like you had a lot of fun while waiting. We were north of totality and the light faded but didn't become dark. What I did notice was that as the shadows lengthened the birds sang their twilight song, which I think is different from other times of day.


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