Scene and Story: July

The morning was cold and the bride was nervous.
The groom finished chores and went in to his parents' home to take a bath, and put on his one and only suit.
The pastor was jolly and welcomed the guests to the wedding.


The children came with cries and giggles.
The rains came.
The droughts came.
The children grew and the son came home one morning and took a bath.  Then put on his one and only suit.
The morning was warm and the bride was excited.


The day was cloudy and grey and the husband's heart was heavy.
The grandsons carried the casket out to the cemetery across the dirt road.
The great grandchilden played near the iron gate.
The pastor was peaceful and full of hope.


The afternoon was hot.
The woman with a camera stopped and peaked in the door gasping at what once was.
Children were baptised here.  People were wed here.  Souls were prayed for here.
She didn't let the ruin instill depair but enjoyed the beauty of the decay.
Because she knows the word is alive and still  full of hope.



I've wanted to stop at this abandoned church forever.   A few weeks ago, it finally happened. :) 


  1. So many stories in that once sacred space - you're their voices now. Beautiful composition, Jill, both your photo and your words.

  2. Jill,

    Thank you for the thoughtful words and the beautiful photo. If walls could only talk.

  3. This is simply beautiful - both your image and your words. Thank you.

  4. The story and image both stir the heart. Well done.

  5. I love this find, and I don't know how I missed your addition to Scene & Story. It must have happened while we were away, but I am glad I saw it now.

  6. Jill, this looks exactly like the abandoned Seven Day Adventist church near Tekamah. We visit Ed's family graves there in the churchyard from time to time and while the graveyard is kept up, the church isn't. The last time we were there a door was unlocked and we ventured inside. A hymnal was still open on the lectern and if not for the dust and cobwebs, you'd have thought services were held there the day before. Beautiful and heavy with the same thoughts and scenes you describe.

  7. How lovely your words are, evoking stories from everyday life. I am always saddened when I see abandoned churches.


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