Come As You Are

My son, soon to be a mechanical engineer.

He goes back to college today to finish his last semester. It's been so nice having him home for the summer! He is certainly ready though to finish up college and get back to his own space in his apartment.
By the way, engineering students occasionally come across some fun swag as they say.  (note the great t-shirt from a company)


I've have set up some studio lighting in my basement and am really excited to explore this new realm of photography.  As I think about portraiture, I realize that a "come as you are"  approach will be my favorite.  As in "Hey, before you go back out to finish the siding on the barn, will you come sit for a few photos?"  Truly, love this approach and this photo of him.


  1. Yay you. I love that you constantly challenge yourself to grow.

  2. This is a fabulous photo of your son! Well done!

  3. You make me so proud to know you! The portrait is beautiful and so is your son. Your garden is blooming, and your talent is blooming. Oh, the places you'll go...

  4. That's a great photo of your son. I like your "come as you are" approach.


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