Tank Garden Update

It's been awhile since I've posted from the Tank Garden.  Mostly, because it was sooooooo dasterdly hot this summer and DRY.  I also had some issues with the new planters I put in.  I haphazardly mixed the soil of manure and sand and apparently did not add enough sand.  Did you know you can actually kill geraniums and petunias if the soil is too rich???  Not to mention heliotrope, miniature roses, dusty millers, and a few others I foget.  Yep, all yellowed, curled up and dropped.
I had not the time, money, or energy this hot summer to fix the problem so those planters are thin, but hey I had some wonderful volunteer plants and plants in the first tanks that did great, so I am happy.

Lots of pictures:

Lots of cockscomb.  All the Purple cone flowers grew and died right away this year.  Why??

I'll be drying a lot of the cockscomb so I'm on the look out for a great vintage container for it!

It reminds me of my Grandma who hung hers to dry in the basement and caught the seeds, but I don't think she kept the dried flowers, just the seeds.

I'm kind of glad the vines didn't go up on the tractor seat as I planned or I wouldn't be able to see it still!

Another cockscomb volunteering under the little chair.

Remember this wreath tutorial?  The melampodium died in the heat, but the other plants took over.

You can see one of my favorites, the Hyacinth Bean Vine on the right.

This is growing in pure sand and loved the heat and dry weather.  (Mexican Sunflower, maybe??)

That is an iron candle holder I picked up a couple of years ago at a garage sale.  It's not old, but looks old and is heavy and wonderful.  It's sitting on a floor grate (another garage sale buy) with insulators on top.

The one miniature rose that lived!!  And, how I love the white flowers in the chippy white and rusty bucket!
Wonder what I did right with that soil?

I had to be careful to not catch our WEEDY vegetable garden in the background of the pictures!  As soon as the tomatoes are done, we'll mow it flat and be relieved!

~Have a great weekend.~


  1. A look at your garden is always a delight...so much to enjoy and take delight in Jill!

    Perfect easel for your PONDER stone and I must try some Bells of Ireland in my garden next year...they obviously enjoy the heat because yours are fantastic.

    Each gardening season holds it charms and its lessons.

    We planted two pretty concrete pots out front last year and the dirt we used was full of grubs...the passion vine I planted in the one was such a disappoint. But it was tough and overwintered by growing out of the bottom of the pot and this year we are enjoying the prettiest Passion flower blooms...

    sorry your garden got me excited..
    I can just about hear the black shiny Cockscomb seeds dropping...that always happens with the Nigella too

    Thanks for the update...I sure enjoyed your pictures!

    Happy Weekend to you and yours

  2. Hi Jill, I love all your tank garden photos. You're an excellent photographer! Do share anytime you'd like on Flea Market Gardening,..or if you'd like to do a guest post about it on our website, let me know! It's an awesome,...just gorgeous garden!

    ~~ Sue

  3. Everything looks wonderful! "Ponder"...what a great word :) Laurel

  4. What gorgeous cockscomb ! Where did you buy the seed?

    1. For the past couple of years, I've either had them volunteer back or I've used the seed I've saved from previous years. I'm not sure where I bought the seed to start with...Bomgaars, Walmart, or Earl May I would think. I have lots of seeds that I'm saving from this year, email me and I can send you some.

  5. Hi Jill, Oh how I love your garden pictures. What a beautiful place!

  6. Your garden looks a WHOLE lot better than mine! Some of my daylilies didn't even send up scapes, it was so hot and dry but these pics are great. Gorgeous cockscomb and I did not know rich soil was an issue for petunias - maybe that's why I've never been successful with the little things. Here's to next year :: lynn

  7. Well your garden is gorgeous! I love the cockscomb and all your vintage items!

  8. I think I've said it before... I could come live in your tank garden. LOLOL Goodness Jill - even the things that DID grow are gorgeous!!! I can't grow a weed!!!

    LOVE the stools!!!

    :) robelyn

  9. In spite of the intense heat your garden is beautiful. Love the cockscomb!

    You asked about Platz - it's a Mennonite name for kuchen - cake - that's made with fruit on a dough base and topped with a streusal before baking. The perfect thing for summer fruits.

  10. I love your garden! I love cockscomb! My grandmother used to do the same thing with hers as well as hollyhocks and bells of Ireland. I have a few hollyhocks, but the Texas heat isn't to kind to them. You have such a green thumb and your containers and other architectural things look great!


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