So If You Haven't Been Out Shopping...

...for a card....for that special someone...I thought I'd get my Wordle Fix and help you out!

I think love can be expressed in black and white, don't you?

But, maybe you'd prefer pink and reds...

Just click on an image to enlarge it to save or print, and go  make a card for that someone special.  Not that they weren't special enough for you to remember to get a card for, or that they weren't special enough for you to go out and spend $5 on a card, but that they ARE special enough for you to send the very best--made by you! 

Now, if you don't quite like what you see above, but still want to give it a-go---just copy all of the text below then go over the Wordle site and make your own version.  Remember, if you don't like a word in your wordle on their site, you can right click on it and get the option to remove it. 

love love love love     adulation, affection, allegiance, amity, amorousness, amour, appreciation, ardency, ardor, attachment, cherishing, crush, delight, devotedness, devotion, emotion, enchantment, enjoyment, fervor, fidelity, flame, fondness, friendship, hankering,  infatuation, involvement, like, lust, mad~for, partiality, passion, piety, rapture, regard, relish, respect, sentiment, soft~spot, taste, tenderness, weakness, worship, yearning,   admirer, beau, beloved, boyfriend,, darling, dear, dear~one, dearest, flame, girlfriend, honey, inamorata,  loved~one, lover, paramour, passion, spark, suitor, swain, sweet, sweetheart, truelove, valentine     admire, adulate,  be~crazy~about, be~enamored~of, care~for, cherish, choose,  delight~in, dote~on, esteem, exalt, fall~for, fancy, glorify,  have~it~bad, hold~dear, hold~high,  long~for, lose~one's~heart~to, prefer, prize,   treasure,  wild~for, treasure beloved sweetheart


  1. i love me some word art. even...even if its all lovely dovey and stuff!

  2. Very Cool Jill....

    Happy Valentine's Day...

    Keep On Junking

  3. Jill - I love that!!! You've got me addicted to the Wordle....LOLOLOL

    fun stuff!!!
    ;-) happy Monday!!!


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