Just Too Fun

I found these today on Etsy. Thought you all might get a kick out of them too!  All four can be found at Adoptabot's Etsy Shop
I have so many of these coffee pot parts because I can't leave an aluminum coffee pot behind at a garage sale.

It's fun to look at them and try decide what the part is.  This bottom is an ice cube tray.  Who'd have thought there would be a use for those!
I'm not sure what the guitars are made from.  You've got to love the fork hands.  I've made some creepy hands with forks when I've been pounding away, but these have style.

Now, the rock band is complete.


  1. So cool! I love what people can create from old things!

  2. These are great! Such ingenuity. I admit when I'm pre-to-peri-caffeinated, I can barely state my name much less think of such incredible creations!

  3. Those are so cute... I am with you on the coffee pots. Can't refuse them.

    Keep On Junking

  4. trays. i think trays are one of my 'things' i can't refuse. ok and coffee cups. for sure coffee cups. hrm.

    i could totally see you making some of these. and rockin it.

  5. wow, those are so dang cute....thanks for sharing...ann


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