Fabric Flowers....Banners....Garland....It's All Fun!

I made this garland for my daughter for her dorm room so just hung it temporarily to take some pictures.


It's entirely possible that making banners and garland could end up being as addicting as fabric flowers!

I made the hearts and round flowers for this out of a clothing catalog the girls received in the mail awhile back, called Free People.  The images, colors, and the feel of the paper was just too pretty to throw in the recycling bin.  I save Anthropology catalogs too for projects.

I just cut freehand, four different sized hearts  then folded each one about 3 times.  I unfolded them, then stacked them and sewed them together with a vintage button on top and just let the floss I used dangle from the button.  Folding/unfolding the pieces helped give them some dimension.

 For the circular "flowers" I did the same thing, making sure my circles weren't truly round-like that was hard-  Then I crocheted red and black yarns together for the cord.  I made knots in the cord every so often and then by hand, I sewed my hearts and flowers on between the knots (yes, right through the paper) and mailed it off.

I love fabric, but working with paper like this as though it was fabric was really fun.  Especially, because it had such a nice feel to it and both sides were printed with beautiful images.  It's great not needing to worry about the "wrong" side.

Just a reminder that "Junkle Bells, February Edition" will be starting Monday!


  1. Cute Garland!! Clever... Lauren will love it. Who wouldn't love it?

  2. Absolutely LOVE it! Hope all is well, Hugs, Janna

  3. What a cool idea... I am really addicted to flowers right now. I like the heart too...

    Keep On Junking

  4. wow, I'm a huge fan of banners! and this one is amazing! great job!



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