My "Spring" Banner


I have discovered that another name for a banner is a bunting.  I kind of like that better so I'll call this my Spring Bunting.  So, there aren't any spring colors in it, oh well~

I am just tickled that I've found a new use for all of my rough and stained linens.   I have a couple boxes full--labeled "to cut".....

...well I'm cutting... and tearing... and sewing...

....and using vintage buttons and rick rack!

There's also a little crocheting here...

...and I'm using some of my vintage wood spools.   I need to.  I have boxes of them!

I am linking this post to Lezlee's Prior Lives Party!


  1. Very cool! How on earth do you sew the spiral strips of fabric to the banner? Fun!

  2. Hi - The bunting is as cute as the name! I was wondering the same thing as post above me "how did you get those spiral strips of fabric on the banner"? Let me know if you need anymore boxes labeled 'to cut' I have alot!

  3. Love it. The colors remind me of peeking for Spring! I have found myself peering into the garden to see if there is any sign of spring...not yet. I really love the use of the old spools. Very clever. I could see a bit of ruffle made from sewing patterns, the color would be spot on!

  4. So sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog, can't wait to catch up on yours it looks amazing!

  5. I absolutely LOVE these! The texture and buttons and using what you have. I love banners and the neutrals are sooo great. Thanks for joining my priorlives party! I am going to try it monthly like yours. Lezlee oh, and thanks for commenting on the dresses for Haiti @


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