Canning Season

Last week a friend suggested to me to use a rack from a canner filled with jars to hold flowers.

The very next day I found an old one at a garage sale that was covered quite nicely in rust and hard water deposits.  I had to scrounge a bit to find enough vintage green jars.  That surprised me!  But, I've sold or given so many of them away.

A few sunflowers were the perfect choice for flowers!

I really like the light shining through the jars.  It's currently on our dining room table so catches the morning light.

I plan to turn the enamel blue canner this rack came out of into a planter. :) 

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  1. Oh Jill - it's a perfect tribute to the souls who used the jars and the canner to preserve food for their families, most likely not with an electric stove or any of our conveniences. Glorious sunshine for your table! Your photos are outstanding.


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