Irish Poet Tassel Flower

On Monday, I mentioned the Irish Poet Tassel Flower that I thought was so neat. (I purchased my seeds here.)

I took these photos of one of my arrangements a few weeks ago, when the first little blooms were ready to cut.

Small, but mighty they are.

The perfect vase for this arrangement is actually a piece that had a candle in it that was gifted to me from one of my daughters.  Such a stunning vase it made!

Black-eyed Susans (or brown eyed), Liatris, Queen Anne's Lace, Gomphrena, blooms from a Hosta, and various greenery pieces were all included in this arrangement.  I have also enjoyed the Irish Poet Tassel all by itself in a vintage green pop bottle a few times too. :) 


  1. Oh Jill, you have so many callings...all of them blessed gifts to you, and to others when you share them this way. Now I know what an Irish Poet Tassel Flower is! My word, that's a wonderful addition to your already perfect arrangements. Let us know if it dries nicely, too!


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