Life is Just a Bowl...

...of cherry tomatoes.  :)

I'm not sure what variety I planted.  Hopefully, I can find the tag down in the dirt once the plant is gone because these have been delicious!  They are dark like  some heirloom tomatoes are.  And they are big too.

I planted three plants of a different regular red variety and I actually pulled up the plants and tossed them even though they were full of little red tomatoes.  They had absolutely no flavor at all.  And the skin was tough and chewy. I need to find the tag for those too so I don't accidentally buy them again!  These dark ones have a fairly thick skin, but they are super sweet.  I like them best right out of the garden and not refrigerated.

The tomatoes are already slowing down.  They lost a lot of bottom leaves as our tomatoes usually do this time of year.  I've had a lot, but not as many as I thought I would by judging how big the plants grew.  I plan to make green tomato relish with the end of the season ones.  The recipe is from my Mom and I just love it. 


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your photos. This reminds me of a Vermeer still life. And just like life, cherry tomatoes are either thick skinned, or thin skinned, sweet or sour. With love we can all occupy the same bowl!

  2. tomato potato I thought they were potatoes and thought you had made a spelling mistake in first sentence! lol


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