The Well Worn Path sing a new song and to move up and out of the well worn path.

Again today.  

This particular moment held me in the path of doubt and second guessing.

Give this some thought.  What "song" do you sing over and over and over?  What negative thoughts? What twists of truth?  What self absorbed worries?  (to name just a few annoying "songs" we allow to play or sing in our minds) That type of song creates a well worn path that  leads us nowhere or keeps us in a way of thinking and being that is not fruitful.

Is God inviting you to sing a new song?  He gave us that phrase in scripture so many times and there is so much hope in it!  So much encouragement!! 

Thanksgiving, love, gratitude, and trust are all really good songs. I'm pretty sure if you ask Him, if you turn to Him, and ask "What do you want my song to be?" In time, the tune will reveal itself and will resonate with you.

 There is truth and beauty that resonate with me when I keep a song of praise and gratitude in my heart. That then gives me the courage to get out of the rut; to step up and out of the well worn path.

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  1. Thank you Jill for always inspiring me to step up out of my rut, where the old song has worn deep tracks. High time for a new song!♥


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