Flowers in Her Hair

When our granddaughters came to stay in June, the daisies were blooming and I had the romantic idea of them making daisy crowns while sitting out in the trees on a blanket and then having so much fun playing around with them as princesses, queens, fairies or as just flowers in their hair!  

Also, there would beautiful photos of them having this magical time. 

The reality was the youngest got bit by a mosquito by her eye the first day and it swelled up like she'd been in a huge knock out drag down fight with her sister.  Sooooo I limited her time outside and of course used bug spray.  

Flower crowns my be a romantic notion for children, but braiding them to actually hold is a far greater skill than one would think.  So while my girls entertained my granddaughters, I braided the crowns and it took a bit of time! 

The part that I got right was that they loved playing with them!  The crafting of them out in the grass and the beautiful romantic photos that I dreamed of were so far from reality!  I posted about this on Instagram and I'm still shaking my head at myself.

(Look at that dirty face!!)

I had to work hard to get these photos decent that's why the edits are all different, ha!!  I had no time to even think about my camera and settings.

So: lesson learned:  That even at my age and state in life I can still be unrealistic.  However, I recognized it in about 10 minutes in and adapted!  Or maybe I should say "accepted" the situation as it was.  The goal was to have fun and that part was a success.  There is a dried daisy crown in the laundry room as a memento. :)


  1. You were blessed with a memory and a memento of the real moment, not a staged social media pic "Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of" You captured time :D

  2. This makes me smile. I had the idea of making fairy gardens with my grands this summer and the reality was far, far from what I had imagined. The photos you did get are so pretty and will bring back good memories.

  3. They'll all remember, years from now, that golden day in June. And they'll be your Roses in December.


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