Growing Up!

My fourth child....Junior Prom.

People perceive me as tall, even though I'm just a little over 5'10" and Claire is basically my height.  She wore heels Saturday and said, "I am a giant."  Haha!  I know the feeling.

"Please don't grow up and go to college!!!"


  1. She takes after you in a lot of ways, Jill...two pretty ladies. I envy your height, I'm 5'2.

    Love the peach colored dress. They do grow up fast but there are so many chapters ahead! :)

    Jane x

  2. Beautiful mother/daughter moment! Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for them, we can't hold them back.

  3. Love the classy oh so feminine dress.
    SO peaches and cream gorgeous that girl!
    So hard to watch it all whiz by...


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