A French Fifth

Our oldest granddaughter turned 5 last Saturday and in true to my oldest daughter's form, we enjoyed a sweet themed birthday party!  The party was dubbed her French Fifth. :)

Their dining room is actually navy blue, not sure what's up with it looking black in the picture. Hmm.

She found a lot of free printables online.

Target dollar spot was involved.

As was some wrapping paper, Sam's Club, and Home Goods.

The cost of all was very low.

Cuter!  What is she to do when she's told "pose"?
(Cardboard and a sharpie for the Eiffel Tower, free! and my favorite part.)

Some "Made by Joel" printables were perfect.  Have you checked out his website?  He doesn't update it any more, but if you have little kids, or grand kids, there are a lot of fun little print outs there.

Lots of activity going on behind and around so it was hard to get her to pay attention to me, ha!

The sparkler candles were also "trick" candles and she kept blowing and they kept relighting and her face was fun to watch as she was surprised each time!

I'm disappointed we didn't take any group pictures, but so it goes.

I'm pretty sure Lauren would want me to give you a disclaimer...she loves to decorate, but truly knows that it's just "fluff" and not necessary to a celebration.  Please don't ever think that you owe your child a theme or decorations for them to enjoy their birthday.  We do low key parties here with the kids choosing the meal and a cake or special dessert.  We put up a few decoration on occasion.   It just really depends on what is going on in life at the time.  We celebrated Audrey's birthday once with Randy in a wheelchair hooked up to an IV pole in the waiting room at a hospital.  With just three of the kids and some cupcakes from HyVee and presents.  Yep. And, honestly, she didn't care one bit.  She was just happy to finally get to celebrate.  But, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the decorations at another's party!  And we all do like to see what Lauren puts together.
Kind of funny detail:  The Eiffel Tower there behind her shoulder? That is actually the base of a broken lamp from when my second daughter was on a Paris "kick" when she was a freshman in high school. The lamp was in her bedroom, but has since been broken, but kept, just in case it could come in handy. :)

Today is Holy Thursday and so begins the Easter Triduum.

I hope you all have a joyous Easter!!


  1. But it sounds like that is your daughter's gift to spread joy with visual delights, nothing wrong with that. That five year old has sophisticated tastes, love the cheeses.

  2. Five already? How quickly she is growing. The French Fifth is a fun theme. Easter blessings to you and your family.

  3. oh, wow, what a great party theme. The cake is spectacular. The birthday girl is très beau!

  4. This is so cool, Jill! My daughter gets so many ideas from Etsy, she does most of her Christmas and birthday shopping from it. Printable are beyond my imagination...what can't you do with them? I LOVE the theme and there are so many sweet ideas here so it's just great that you shared. And the birthday girl...what a doll! She could definitely be a little Parisian girl! Happy Birthday to her! :)

    Jane x


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