The Sky Was Magnificent

And it was windy.  Boy, was it windy.  Right chilly too.

The day of my Mom's funeral.  The cemetery is just across the section from the little church that I grew up attending and where Mom was a lifetime member.  After the cemetery service we came back to the church basement for cookies and coffee.  As I got out of the car, I grabbed my phone to get a picture of the view of the cemetery a mile away from the church.  I wanted to remember the sky.  As I got to the open field I met my son in law who had the same idea, his phone in hand.

The photo doesn't do the sky justice, but it sparks my memory of it.  The blue tent that just minutes earlier we had been sitting under is now down as they caretaker disassembles it.  Before it blows into the next county.  People were standing holding the poles to stabilize it during the brief service at the grave side.

Southwest corner of the cemetery.  We've of course been there before. The headstone already in place from when my Dad died.

If I would have driven just a quarter mile to the East I could have stood on the farm where I grew up and could have also taken a photo of the cemetery across the section.

Sometimes the huge world seems small.

I'm joining with Sarah again this month for Scene and Story.  


  1. What clarity you had to capture this moment. The memories, the stories. So much there...

  2. What a beautiful view of that big blue sky and the cemetery just in view against the horizon. A bitter-sweet moment of the memories and the circumstances linked to this lovely capture.

  3. My breath caught when I read the words under the photo. You found the perfect title for the image, too.

  4. I would have been out there with you capturing the moment. There is always beauty to found in sadness if our eyes are open to see. Prayers for you during this season.

  5. When I saw all that beautiful sky in your photo I gave a little gasp. Then when I read your story my gasp was followed with a sigh. I agree with Roxi, there is always something beautiful or good around us if we have the eyes to see them. It's always better when you look up.

  6. Beautiful. A big hug to you too.

  7. I'd never have guessed there was so much story in your magnificent sky. Both are moving and so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a special moment.

  8. Very moving dear Jill.
    The vast blue sky in your photo gives perspective to the tiny place we each occupy on this earth. Life is so fragile and so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing (I fear my words fall flat here as to what I am really feeling)
    Take Care oxo

  9. A scene forever etched in your mind.


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