What To Do With These?

I've been doing some sorting and washing and storing of things since my Mom gave up her house about 8 months ago and there has been more again now since she passed away.

These dressers were always in the storeroom in the basement and the only one I remember playing with a little bit was the white one on the right.  I believe they were all Mom's from when she was little.  They are in really rough shape as you can see.  I've scrubbed them and they are ready for something...what?

The obvious would be to paint them and let my little girls use them with their dolls.  I may do that with one of them, as they have one that is similar that I picked up at a garage sale for them.

I also think they would make wonderful jewelry chests.  Or great storage for jewelry and beading supplies.
I'm also pondering how to paint and decorate them.  I  definitely can see using patterned paper and/or fabric to line the drawers or back of the little kitchen cupboard.  Maybe collage papers and words on the dressers themselves?  

So much reflecting (so sorry for the metaphoric photo!) going on as I go through these things.  Stories remembered, some faces remembered, and some names forgotten as I look through pictures.  Seeing life a tiny bit through they eyes of my mother at 19 as I read her diary. She stayed out late!--Often.


I hope your weekend is nice.  Ours finds us hanging out day 4 with my youngest sick.  At times she feels great, then then it cycles again. 


  1. I could not bear to paint them. Line them with small print paper though ..yes

  2. I would suggest having them appraised before you alter them in any way. I have one similar to the first one I use as a jewelry box and purchased it many years ago for well over $100.

  3. Oh Those are so wonderful especially since they were your Mom's
    I have one little doll chest
    I have always those they would be a cute jewelry box or in my studio a button drawer for storage for small items


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