Spring Hankie Wreath

I have quite a few sweet handkerchiefs from auctions and garage sales over the years so have been looking for a project to use some of them in. This is a great way to use those vintage handkerchiefs we rarely use as intended now!  It's also non destructive so you can still take it apart and use them another way when you so desire.

I used a 9" embroidery hoop and 24 hankies. Just tie them on! I played around a bit to decide how short to tie them, just experiment to see what you like with the size of hankies you use. It would be a great idea to starch them first.  I did not have any spray starch so if hung the other way, some of them want to flop down.  Today, I picked up some more starch, but we'll see if I ever go back to starch them...

The colors are spring like, summery, and cheery. :)

If  you don't have a large stash of hankies,  flea market and garage sale season is upon us! (I'm excited about that.)


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