Scene and Story

Last month we helped my son in law celebrate his 30th birthday.  My daughter had bought some sparkler candles to put on his cake. Just my daughter lighting them wasn't going very well and pretty soon there were four candle lighters!  

Then we sat and watched the little candles sparkle and fitz about---really pretty fun. :)

When going through the pictures I just loved all the "story" going on here.  There are parts of my son in law's parents in view, Bonnie's hands and phone, and my granddaughter hoping to have a piece of cake on her plate soon.  Normally, these are all the things you would avoid in a photo or crop out if you could, but what is going on in the periphery is certainly part of the story here.

I am joining Sarah again this month for her Scene and Story link up party.


  1. This tells a fabulous story. I look back at the pictures from our first house when our daughter was little and I am grateful for the extra things in the photo, they capture the moment and the time period so well. Thank you for joining us again, love having you tell your stories.

  2. I love the way you captured this story! The lighting through the window and kitchen in the background, the 30 banner, the expressions on everyone's faces - even the man standing in the doorway... You're right - sometimes it's those extra elements that we tend to crop, so focused on the subject, that really make up the story. When the photos for my daughter's wedding came back, I had the best time looking at all the guests in the background - they told a great story!

  3. I love this scene and story - it's a wonderful slice of real life that made me smile then laugh out loud as I read your description.

  4. What a lovely and natural moment you've captured here! I also see a little girl gently pushing her plate forward, eager for her slice of cake!


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