I was set to clean out the cupboards in our laundry room.

Then I discovered the bag of milk weed pods I'd stashed away from this fall.

I couldn't resist pulling a few out for a little photo session.

These seeds and pods....♥♥♥

A broken binding from an old book plays very well with them.

I edited them with Kim Klassen's *Friday* Lightroom Preset from her sampler collection.  I have so much to learn in Lightroom yet.  But, I am determined to get there.  Or at least there enough that I don't get lost while I'm in there. That would be a marked improvement.

I already have jars of pods so I'm not sure what I'll do with these.  Which is why they were stuffed in a sack in a cupboard in the first place.  Hopefully, I don't go put them back in there. Ha!

We've used the pods in projects over the years, once as the manger for a little needle felted baby Jesus, once as a swing in this fairy garden my daughter made.  I'd love to hear more ideas of how to use the pods.

~enjoy your day~


  1. I love milkweed pods. Always so pretty to photograph.

  2. These are beautiful shots. The first one reminds me of baby birds (we have babies on the mind!).


  3. A few years ago I collected some pods that were unopened. They are so interesting. Well a few weeks later i opened my studio door to find a riot of seeds everywhere! The
    pods had opened. lol Took hours to collect the thousands of seeds. Still have the pods.

  4. Beautiful, artistic images, Jill. And I like your new blog design!


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