Saturday Digest

I've had vintage linens and sachets on my mind for the last two days.

I used an old pillow case for these.  The crocheted edging has been trimmed off for use in another project. I made them 4.5" square, so with the amount of old linens I have, I could probably make thousands of them, ha!

I found this cross at the Benedict Center gift shop.  It's a reproduction of Pope Fancis' pectoral cross.  On it is Jesus the Good Shepherd.  So neat!

►I've had bifocals or transitional lenses as they are now called for a few years and recently found myself really struggling to be comfortable at the computer when I edited photographs.  So when I went to the eye doctor, I opted instead of a change in the transitional lenses I am using, to be fit with a single vision pair of glasses set specifically to the distance  to the computer. It's been wonderful!  No more tilting my head "just so" to see clearly.  And, then I realized that this was exactly what I needed also to play the piano and pump organ.  Both of them had become a struggle to tip my head just so.  I have to change my glasses when I sit down and again when I get up, but really that doesn't bother me at all.  I'm just grateful there is correction for our vision!!  I thought some of you may benefit from this same option and maybe hadn't thought of it.  (I hadn't thought of it before talking to someone in the Optometrist's office.)

►I made these crash potatoes from Pioneer Woman as a substitute for hash browns when our extended family got together for a Christmas time brunch.  Success.  Will definitely be making them again.   I used dry rosemary from the summer garden to really add a nice seasoning. I boiled the potatoes 2 days ahead and kept them in the refrigerator until the morning we were getting together. Then it was just "crash" , season, and bake.  A prepare ahead recipe is always the best!

►I love pockets.  Do you know some prom dresses have pockets in them?  Found that out last night. :)  This pocket project would be fun in a kid's room!

►Did you know Bob Dylan welds?  Very cool gates.

Snow is predicted for here tomorrow. One of my girls prayed for snow the other night and my husband raised his eyebrows and said, "Huh?" 

Have a good weekend!


  1. Glasses - what a wonderful idea. I wear my transitional all the time now but had to tilt and adapt when I used my laptop or read a magazine. I think I'll take a couple of pairs of old glasses in to be fitted with the single option for the computer and reading. Genius.

    Your linen pillows are so lovely, Jill. Are you selling? I have a friend who could use one :: lynn

  2. I love my computer lenses! I have a pair designed for reading and for computer distance, and I use them for sewing as well. I don't really need glasses for distance, so this is a great option. I hated the progressive lenses they first gave me - I could never find that middle distance.
    Your linen sachets are beautiful. Did you get the snow?


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