Mood Boards and Inspiration Boards

I love the idea of mood boards and inspiration boards.  When I put up the bed springs in my sewing room to serve as an inspiration board I thought it would be great to pin up ideas and inspiration to guide a project or many projects.  Well, it became a display board (and got filled up!) and I never wanted to take anything off of it to change it up on a regular basis!  

So, I spent some time to set up a template in Photoshop to make mood boards from my photos. I hope to make more templates and more mood boards. I've also found these free templates I may try here and here.  Why mood boards?  They're just inspirational!  I also hope to make a tangible inspiration board in my sewing room too. My plan is to use one of the enamel table tops I have from an old Hoosier to use as the board and use washi tape and magnets to hold the items on. That's the plan anyway. :)

We are moving one of our daughters tomorrow in the morning and boy it's going to be cold!  And, my 17 year old just walked out the door in a sleeveless dress to the Snowball dance.  It's 7 degrees out now.  She did have a coat, but really?! I'm a three layer kind of person.

Have a great weekend!

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