Monday Morning

I have been enjoying the morning dew this past week and today decided I needed to stop and take some pictures.

The world changes when you get close to it.

And, your jeans get wet when you lay down to take pictures up close. :)

The dew drops make for beautiful bokeh.

A little chilly this morning compared to the 80 degrees we had yesterday.

I can't enjoy the dew without a memory of walking beans as a kid.  Ewwwww....stepping into that bean field covered with dew on the cooler August mornings was so awful!

But, now my legs and tummy dried off quickly and it was worth it for the pictures.

Happy Monday!


  1. 80 degrees, that crazy, as it is snowing yet again here today. I would be happy with some consistent 50 degree days.

  2. Your pictures are stunning! Spring and it's precious dew at its finest!



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