"Horsin' Around"

We helped our oldest granddaughter celebrate her 4th birthday on Saturday.  

She decided to name her little needle felted baby (see this post) "Yellow" because she is wearing a yellow dress of course! 

After she had finished opening her gifts, she picked up the little dolly again.  And, asked, "Why is she so hairy?" Hahahahahaha!!  I knew I needed to work on my finishing skills with needle felting! I turned to the other kids by me and told them, "THANK GOODNESS she noticed the yellow first or she would have been named Hairy!"

Her horse themed party was really cute!  Be sure to note the use of wrapping paper purchased on clearance as the backdrop and table runner...cute decor for little to nothing!


Awe...her little sister just hanging out not caring about cake, horses, or hairy dollies! This was a rare sighting without a bow. 

She's only 8 months old, so we still have a bit until we get to hold up one finger, but the time will fly!


  1. Happy Birthday to the 4 year old. Your granddaughters are so cute!

  2. Great party and I love the Black and White shots!


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