A Wee Little Gift

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen that I was using some old aprons in new projects. (Vintage aprons I was going to donate and then decided I better keep them!)  My daughter came down to the sewing room and posed me, ha!

I made this horse from Ann Wood's free horse pattern.  She painted hers, but I had the perfect fabric from an old apron (the one I'm wearing above) to cover mine.  My grand daughter's birthday party is today and themed with horses so I thought it would be fun to make a horse tag for her.  Well, I decided this one should stay here and that a pink one would be better for her.

So, back to the vintage apron pile and the cereal boxes and another horse was born!  Another great fabric.  I love the movement in both of these fabrics for the horses!

And, since I've been in major exploring and creating mode with all kinds of ideas, I decided to try a little needle felted baby to stick in with her gift too.  She's only about 3" long.

And, the baby needed a little sleeping back in case her little sleep sack she's wearing isn't warm enough. :)

It will be fun to see what my granddaughter names her.

I have a lot to learn about needle felting, like how to make it smoother.  I'm pretty sure it's dependent in the needle you use last.  Sadly my needles are mixed up and I can't really tell which is which.  I didn't have time to sit and figure it out on another bit of felt.  Oh well.

It's been freezing here again...looking forward to the return of spring!


  1. Such sweet gifts for little hands to hold and play with.

  2. You have got to be the most fun gramma, said THIS gramma.

  3. I love the uses you are coming up for the aprons.


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